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Vegan Recipes
for Special Occasions

The second book in the Ping series is now available.


The few survivors—preoccupied with their struggles to raise healthy children and preserve what they can of civilization—are unaware that eight-year-old Travis has a dangerous plan that will ultimately change their world in ways they could never have imagined.

About Me

My name is Susan Lowry and I live in a small town north of Toronto with my husband, who I met while I was at university getting my degree in psychology. I chased him down the hills of Blue Mountain skiing and finally caught him.

I have many interests including acrylic and watercolour painting, photography, movies, walking on the beach, and swimming. I have spent the last several years as a full-time author and have written two novels and a recipe book.

Creating new vegan recipes and watching this collection grow has been a fun hobby. I hope the website makes it easy for you when you need something special and vegan for yourself, friends, or relatives.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me with any comments or suggestions my email address is:

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Vegan Recipes for Special Occasions is available as a handy ebook with added recipes!

Vegan Recipes for Special Occasions Ebook

See descriptions of my two novels below.


A beautiful young woman recovering from a terrible plague fears she is the only person left alive on earth.

Stranded alone until spring with no means of communication, she begins to believe a child is contacting her telepathically.

In a traumatic search to find him she runs into an attractive man with a dark and secretive past.

Swayed by his insistence that her telepathy is imagined and that they must begin to repopulate the earth immediately, Kate is torn between Jack and her gut feeling the voices are real.